Nokia Says Micro USB In, All Other Ports Out

    Nokia finally decides it's time to move on to Micro USB to handle power, data and audio all through a single socket. Reports were coming in earlier that Finland cellphone maker began putting Micro USB on the 6500 Classic.

    Looks like the new USB connector standard is starting to proliferate on all new models as well with a Symbian fan is blogging the Nokia 8600 Luna slider will sport just one Micro USB port, as opposed to a charger jack, a universal connector and a mini-USB socket. The replacement of the universal connector with Micro USB means wired headset will now go through the same port as the charger and PC data comm. cable. This certainly isn't a major breakthrough, but indeed another small step to bringing minimalist handset design.


Source: CHENYANG      Time: 2007-8-19 9:39:00